Services in Workplace Spirituality

Our work in the past has been focused in the following areas:

  • Organizational Spiritual Analysis (to determine organizational and its people readiness for introducing spirituality in the workplace
  • Facilitation/Development of Strategy for Workplace Spirituality
  • Review, advice and development of ethical plans and programs to support strategy including:
    1. People Management Practices
    2. Employee Relations
    3. Workplace Health, Safety and Security
    4. Corporate Social Responsibility
    5. Procurement practices
    6. Supply Chain Management
    7. Quality and Production Management
    1. Operations
    2. Supply Chain Management
    3. Customer Services/Care
    4. Vendors/Associates Relations
    5. Corporate Governance
    6. Financial Management
  • Workplace Spiritual Audit
  • People/HR Audit (to determine employee satisfaction/stress level and their needs)
  • Work-Life Balance strategies and programs
  • Corporate Vision Statement and its Spiritual Impact analysis
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and its Spiritual Impact analysis
  • Values-centered leadership practices
  • Developing a value-based workplace culture